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Moonlight Communications
Fayetteville, NC

Moonlight Communications, Inc. is an award-winning digital media production company headquartered in Fayetteville, NC. Moonlight is a full-service production company serving the Southeastern US
Organized in 1993, Moonlight Communications has produc... See More

Highlights: Video Biography, Writing & Producing Expertise, HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, Company And Product Testimonial Videos, Multiple Cameras, Graphic Design Services, Drone, Post Production, After Effects, Scriptwriting, Family Histories, Time-Lapse, Dolly, Interviews, We Upload Your Video To Important Video Platforms Such As Youtub, Commercial Production, Freelance Screenwriter, Commercials, Audio Recording, Script To Screen
O'Neill Productions
Salt Lake City, UT

Audio & Video Advertising and Marketing! From concept to broadcast and/or distribution...O'Neill Productions focuses on YOU the customer with product and service "Branding" and Creativity. We Create an audio and/or visual tool that embodies our cus... See More

Highlights: Writing & Producing Expertise, Product Demo Videos, Promo Videos, Corporate Event Coverage, Video Production, Destination Affairs (On-Location), Corporate Training Videos, Small Business Videography, Interviews, HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, We Upload Your Video To Important Video Platforms Such As Youtub, Voice-over Recording, Instructional Videos, Business Videos, Post Production, Cameraman, Audio Post-Production, Trade Show Coverage, Marketing & Promotional Videos, Industrial Corporate Videos
ACE Enterprizes
Milwaukee, WI

ACE Enterprizes is an audio and video production and post-production company serving our clients in Milwaukee, WI and across the country.

We are a team of audio and video professionals committed to helping you promote your business, train your emp... See More

Highlights: Color Grading, Broadcast Quality, Promo Videos, HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, Special Event Videography, Industrial Corporate Videos, Logo Animation, Web, Cable & TV Commercials, Instructional Videos, Corporate Event Coverage, Filmmaking, Compositing, Business Videos, Product Demo Videos, Music Video Production, Freelance Videographer, Editing Expertise, Multiple Cameras, Video Biographies, Documentary Style Videography
Michael James Horn
Clifton, VA

Creative, meticulous and dedicated video editor, videographer, and A/V technician with an excellent eye for detail, unparalleled track record of employer satisfaction and a deep passion for film and all things visual. High level of proficiency in vid... See More

Highlights: After Effects, Cinematic Wedding Videos, School Shows, Web, Cable & TV Commercials, 3D Video & Editing, Freelance Videographer, Reunions, Photo Video Montages, Make Dreams Videos Of Home, Lighting, Lowest Prices For The Best Service Around, 8mm Film, Corporate Training Videos, Non-profit Videos, Trial Presentation, Video To Dvd, Documentary Style Videography, Blu Ray, Campaign Creation And Execution, Small Business Videography
L-5 Imaging
Carrollton, TX

L-5 Imaging provides drone operations, consulting, training, and imaging services to Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Private Security, and Business. The videography style of Jim Armstrong (L-5's founder) is run-and-gun, BTS, and he specializes in hard-to... See More

Highlights: Small Business Videography, Extreme Sports Videography, Freelance Videographer, Nature, Documentary Style Videography
Scottsdale, AZ

Since 2005, Josh Skehan Productions has been a respected leader in professional event, corporate and promotional video production throughout Scottsdale, Arizona and around the world. We're a local family-owned company nationally recognized for our vi... See More

Highlights: Web, Cable & TV Commercials, Voice-over Recording, Wedding Videography, Logos, Motion Pictures, Personal History Biographies, Scriptwriting, Freelance Videographer, Post Production, Product Demo Videos, Travel Videos, Directing Expertise, Nature, Small Business Videography, Editing Expertise, Corporate Training Videos, Photography, Cameraman, Blu Ray, Concept Video Artist


Highlights: Editing Expertise, Memorial Video, News Events, Meetings, Business Videos, Graduation Videography, Corporate Training Videos, Product Demo Videos, Parties, Wedding Videos, Corporate Event Coverage, Dance Recitals, Weddings, Church Services & Events, Trade Show Coverage, Web, Cable & TV Commercials, Cameraman, Photo Video Montages, Travel Videos, Post Production
Mansavage Productions
Saint Paul, MN

Mansavage Productions is now officially Mansavage Productions® having been accepted by and registered with The United States Patent and Trademark Office. Insist on genuine authentic Mansavage Productions® products and services. Mansavage Production... See More

Highlights: DVD/Blu-Ray Production & Duplication, Live Concert Videography, Short Films, Corporate Event Coverage, Wedding Videos, Personal History Biographies, Trade Show Coverage, Day In The Life Videos, Business Videos, HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, Custom Made Signs, Small Business Videography, Video Production, Promo Videos, Sporting Event Videography, Post Production, Video To Dvd, Documentary Style Videography, Legal Videography (Demonstrations, Depositions), Editing Expertise
Blueye | Productions
Cherry Hill, NJ

(Creative Content For You And Your Business)

HD Video services, editing, sound and more for all your production needs. We offer personalized service for every project to make your video unique and stand out.

We work wi... See More

Highlights: Editing Expertise, Company And Product Testimonial Videos, Deposition, Freelance Videographer, File Conversions., Promo Videos, Music Video Production, Commercials, Mobile Video, Editing, Motion Graphics Services, Photo Video Montages, Promo, Audition Tapes, Digital Cinematography, Documentary Style Videography, Demo Reels, Industrial Corporate Videos, Video Production, Location Production
Video Spark Productions
Santa Rosa, CA

I shoot high quality HD video, indoors or outdoors, day or night, with or without my light set, and use a variety of microphones and audio recording techniques to get the best sound. You also get free access to my green screen studio, so we can be m... See More

Highlights: Freelance Videographer, Interviews, Promo Videos, Performance & Fine Arts Videography, Sporting Event Videography, Wedding Videos, HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, Corporate Training Videos, Web, Cable & TV Commercials, Documentary Style Videography, Small Business Videography, Music Video Production, Editing Expertise, Trade Show Coverage, Marketing & Promotional Videos, Special Event Videography, Wedding Videography, Video Production

We build highlight reels for athletes trying to reach the next level, provide game film for coaches and programs and LIVE STREAM sports events!

Highlights: Post Production, Digital Video Transfer (VHS, Hi8, etc), Interviews, Lacrosse Videography, Wedding Live Streams, Legal Videography (Demonstrations, Depositions), Sports Live Streaming, Cameraman, Sporting Event Videography, Wedding Videography, Video Production, HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, We Upload Your Video To Important Video Platforms Such As Youtub, Special Event Videography, Web Video Production & Streaming, Freelance Videographer, Football Videography, News Events, Editing Expertise, Extreme Sports Videography

We provide filming and / or live-streaming of games and build highlight reels for student-athletes. We also stream other various events.

Highlights: Promo Videos, Lacrosse Videography, Football Videography, Extreme Sports Videography, Sports Live Streaming, Wedding Live Streams, Corporate Event Coverage, Special Event Videography, Video Production, News Events, Web, Cable & TV Commercials, Small Business Videography, Legal Videography (Demonstrations, Depositions), Sports Videography, Hockey Videography, Post Production, Web Video Production & Streaming, Freelance Videographer, Sporting Event Videography, Digital Video Transfer (VHS, Hi8, etc)

Based in Atlanta, 7th Wave Pictures formed in 2003 and serves companies mostly in the southeast We have a nice array of video cameras with our main camera being the Sony FS7. 7th Wave Pictures is easy to work with and does exceptional work.

There... See More

Highlights: HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, Trade Show Coverage, Freelance Videographer, Convention Coverage, Instructional Videos, We Upload Your Video To Important Video Platforms Such As Youtub, Day In The Life Videos, Marketing & Promotional Videos, Documentary Style Videography, Post Production, Industrial Corporate Videos, Filmmaking, Digital Cinematography, Business Videos, Writing & Producing Expertise, Web, Cable & TV Commercials, Legal Videography (Demonstrations, Depositions), Web Video Production & Streaming, Video Biographies, Cameraman

You've come to the right place if you need professional testimonials, photography, corporate, marketing & promotion, support for building your brand or any type of video we're here to help you bring it to life. The most effective method for connecti... See More

Highlights: Industrial Corporate Videos, Post Production, Real Estate Home Video & Virtual Tours, Highlight Videos For Keynote Speakers, Voice-over Recording, Graphic Design Services, Video Production, Color Grading, Small Business Videography, Instructional Videos, Photo Video Montages, Editing Expertise, Marketing & Promotional Videos, Writing & Producing Expertise, Compositing, Day In The Life Videos, Freelance Videographer, Jib, Photography Services, Documentary Style Videography

Steadman Video Productions offers professional Video and Photography Services at a reasonable price.

Highlights: Music Video Production, Product Demo Videos, Voice-over Recording, Business Videos, Color Grading, Scriptwriting, HD Video Shooting, Editing & Production, Wedding Videography, Documentary Style Videography, Corporate Training Videos, Video Production, Post Production, News Events, Digital Cinematography, Photography Services, Web, Cable & TV Commercials, Promo Videos, Directing Expertise, Web Video Production & Streaming, Small Business Videography is © Copyright Sudden Ventures, Inc. ( 0.075 secs on 02/27/21)

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